The SensusOne Value Proposition:

We Share Risk with our Clients

The new reimbursement environment is forcing hospitals to manage risk as a way to maximize reimbursements and we believe that we should shoulder our share of this risk as well.
As an example, we assume operational and financial risk in the financial performance of a Medically Integrated Fitness Center in its ability to achieve the performance objectives established with our healthcare clients.

Our cost of capital is equal to or slightly greater than what hospitals incur

As a result we can provide very unique and different delivery models to leverage third party capital without negatively impacting a hospital’s balance sheet.

We are a Strategy Based Company at our Core

Our business platform is built to deliver value beyond the boundaries of typical healthcare real estate companies. As an example, we can assume responsibility for the operation of clinical service operations such as physical therapy.

Our Partnership Model is based on Local Relationships

We aim to build a partnership network that operates on a local level to leverage the commitment we have to the community and the performance of our services.



What is driving Hospitals and Physicians to Leverage Healthcare Real Estate Development & Investment Partnerships?

  • Population health management is here to stay in some form, creating significant interest in Medically Integrated Fitness Centers to improve medical outcomes.

  • Hospitals are seeking third party development and capital partners as they seek to deploy capital more strategically.

  • Hospitals are searching for ways to strengthen brand awareness to compete in a more retail oriented business.

  • Hospitals are focused on growing market share and finding new revenues sources.

  • Hospitals are looking for development companies to help them create investment opportunities for physicians.

  • Hospitals are faced with aging acute care facilities due to deferred maintenance.

  • Hospitals are moving points of care out into the communities.

  • Hospitals are creating national/global clinical specialties to build brand.