Medical Fitness Imperative

Hospitals are realizing the strategic value of incorporating Medically Integrated Fitness centers into their ambulatory strategies. To do so requires a commitment to Total Health Management.


What is a Medical Fitness Center?

As the physical headquarters for a hospital’s community health initiatives related to disease prevention, injury rehabilitation, a medical fitness center applies medically informed exercise and diet as key treatment components.
Medical Fitness Center deliver a diverse menu of exercise-based wellness programming to both members and non-members. Highly trained, properly credentialed fitness professionals work in client-focused collaboration with clinical professionals. Centers are financially sustainable because they charge for their services through membership dues, ancillary fees and third-party reimbursements.

Did You Know?

Did you know that members of medical fitness facilities are 25% more likely to choose the affiliated hospital for their medical service provider than another medical facility they know of?*

*survey of Illinois-based medical fitness centers

The cost of waiting for people to get sick far exceeds the cost of helping healthy people stay healthy.

According to the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services, about 95 cents of every dollar we spend on healthcare in the United States is spent on treatment, and only 5 cents on prevention.

Garry Lindsay, MPH