Performance Guaranteed Facilities

Hospitals face enormous capital costs in replacing or updating acute care facilities yet a majority of the focus gets placed on the initial costs of the building which account for a mere 12% of the life cycle costs.


The Benefits of Performance Guaranteed Facilities 

Deferring one dollar of needed maintenance today turns into $10 in two years.
If a hospital spends $200 million on initial cost, then life cycle costs are likely $1.7 billion. Our delivery process is showing average documented savings of 14% or $240 million over the life of an asset. This is real value.

Performance Guaranteed Healthcare Facilities is a NEW project delivery process where we provide hospitals with the following benefits:

  • We provide 100% of the capital which is at risk and guarantees on‐time delivery and on‐budget delivery.
  • As a result, we are driven to design the most functionally appropriate facility to reduce life cycle costs.
  • Ownership of the asset is retained by the Hospital.
  • Facility condition and performance is guaranteed for the full 30 years of operation.
  • Fully integrated solution that drive design development, construction, operations and equipment.