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What Makes Us Unique

Our small company attitude delivers our services in a way that sets the pace for “speed to market” and we are capitalized in a way that enables us to provide unique solutions to accommodate balance sheet management.

1. Cost of Capital
Our cost of capital is equal to or slightly greater than what hospitals incur. As a result, we can provide very unique and different delivery models to leverage third party capital without negatively impacting a hospital’s balance sheet.

2. Strategy Based Company
Our business platform is built to deliver value beyond the boundaries of typical healthcare real estate companies. As an example, we can assume responsibility for the operation of clinical service operations such as physical therapy.

3. Local Relationships
Our partnership model is based on local relationships. We aim to build a partnership network that operates on a local level to leverage the commitment we have to the community and the performance of our services.

Featured Clients

MUSC Sterilization Facility

MUSC Health and MUSC Children's Health offer advanced care across South Carolina through hospitals, an extensive network of doctors' offices, and telehealth.

Roper St. Francis - ER

When it comes to entrusting someone with your health, experience matters. For over 150 years the people of the Lowcountry have trusted Roper St. Francis Healthcare.

Our Services

Development Services

1. We deliver competitive cost of capital, and depth of experience with locally vested partners to ensure accountability for our performance.

2. Creating a delightful experience for patients is about creating a unique destination that brings people together to enjoy a variety of places.

3. Re-purposing of existing real estate as a cost saving strategy, cancer centers, free standing emergency departments and medical offices.


  • Cost of Capital
  • Delightful Experience
  • Cost Saving Strategy

Management Services

1. Controlling cost, quality and safety of our projects is paramount to our brand experience. We can provide a unique perspective to our clients.

2. Helping our clients select the right place, the right size, the right product and the right price point for healthcare sites is our business.


  • Quality Control
  • Unique Perspective

Trending Healthcare Strategies

1. We are capitalized in a way to close transactions quickly and reliably for both ground-up development and the monetizing of existing assets.

2. We provide financial alternatives to help physicians reverse the decrease in compensation and help create more aligned relationships.

3. The prevention and treatment of chronic disease is fundamental to the mission of healthcare. We can help build that continuum of care.

4. We work with healthcare systems and logistics firms to provide logistics facilities bringing efficiency and cost reduction to the supply network.


  • Capitilization
  • Financial Alternatives
  • Continuum of Care
  • Logistic Efficiency
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