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Ambulatory Surgery

Ambulatory Surgery Centers are where surgeries that do not require hospital admission are performed. ASCs provide cost-effective services and a convenient environment that can be less stressful for a patient.


Hospitals will continue to experience volume decreases for elective surgery hospital-based operating rooms as patients face ever greater cost exposure and therefore gravitate to the outpatient setting due to the material cost advantage that ambulatory surgery centers off the patient.

The Business Case

Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) or Ambulatory Care Centers represent a forward-thinking response to advancements in today’s medical practices. With modern medicine’s ability to conduct many surgeries on an “out-patient” basis (in and out quickly with no overnight stay). It has created a clear shift in no longer making hospitals the only choice for elective procedures. Ambulatory Surgery Centers provide lower capital costs than hospitals, operate with a leaner staff, and solve critical logistical problems associated with traditional hospital environments.

Not only do these centers provide substantial benefit to doctors and health systems, but also an array of benefits to patients. With a lean ASC structure comes along cost benefits. Surgery at an ASC provides substainal cost savings that is passed along to the patients, insurers and taxpayers. With a decrease in costs, does not come a decrease in quality in which the procedures are preformed. ASCs aren’t faced with having to operate 24/7 and provide services for all types of illness. In this, ASCs can ensure that you recieve higher quality and personalized care with doctors and nurses that are solely dedicated to these elective procedures.

How We Can Help

SensusOne, along with our partners, can organize a study engagement to help healthcare organizations assess the degree to which there is a business case to be made toward an ASC strategy. The scope of this study would consider a thorough analysis of the client’s end goals in which they would like this asset to be operated and ran within the community it resides.

The result is a business plan that improves performance and materially decreases the cost infrastructure for healthcare organizations.

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