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SensusOne provides a vast array of property management services ranging from full property management to leasing and asset management. We take pride in providing these services for our clients to maximize the value of every property we manage. a. As property managers, we continuously provide unique ideas and solutions that offer an unparalleled hospitality level. We know the importance of being in a well-managed space that helps connect businesses and tenants with various community resources.

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Property Management

With our team’s background and experience, we possess an abundance of operational oversight and management strategies for nearly all your property management needs.

Building Automation

We are always looking to provide the most cutting-edge technology to assist in operating, monitoring, and controlling your building’s functions to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.


Our licensed real estate professionals are committed to providing you with leasing services to maintain stable occupancy rates and achieve optimal rents.

Maintenance Services

SensusOne understands that a clean place is a safe place. We deploy experienced maintenance teams to ensure your investment’s longevity with reliable, on-time upkeep and repair work.

Services Procurement

We have come to build and leverage great relationships with vendors over the years and would love to pass along these benefits to our clients. With these benefits, we ensure a high-quality experience for tenants and partners alike.

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From health systems to privately owned practices, the common thread through all our efforts is finding the right solution for each.

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SensusOne’s Development team is equipped to manage the development process from project inception through divestiture.

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SensusOne’s Investment team strives to generate stable cash flow and capital appreciation for its investors.

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At SensusOne, we strive to encompass our companies’ guiding principles and continue raising the bar as employees, teammates, and friends.


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At SensusOne, we hope to provide and shape a better avenue of care for our communities to live a healthier life.


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We plan the real estate component of each project and the operational and service delivery considerations inherent in the process.

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