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Medical office buildings, or MOBs, are office facilities designed specifically for health care practices, meaning they have elements or design principles intended to improve patient outcomes and enhance the patient experience.


Medical Office Buildings are critical components of the evolving ambulatory care network and evolve from the smaller toward larger, more integrated facilities with diagnostics and specialties.  They are located in convenient places to maximize accessibility, emphasizing visibility, non-clinical atmospheres, and navigability.

The Business Case

Medical Office buildings have been around for some time now. Hospitals considering the development of on-campus medical office complexes may find the process challenging and costly. But when developed and leased appropriately, medical office complexes can provide significant benefits to hospitals. Leasing on-campus medical office space to physicians improves relationships with the physician community, thereby increasing hospital utilization and revenue.

The expanded facilities also allow the hospital to offer greater medical services scope to the local community. Once purely a convenient medical staff location, medical office buildings have become an increasingly important part of a hospital’s marketing and financial strategies. Understanding these buildings’ economic evolution will help hospital financial managers approach their development to meet future needs.

How We Can Help

From our years of experience, SensusOne can organize a study engagement to help healthcare organizations assess the degree to which there is a business case to be made toward a Medical Office Building strategy. This study’s scope would consider a thorough analysis of the clients’ end goals in which they would like this asset to be operated and ran within its community. With our team equipped to manage the development process, we offer leasing services to ensure your space is fully utilized.

The result is a business plan and development that improves performance and materially decreases healthcare organizations’ cost infrastructure.

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Wellness Center

Wellness centers are places where people may go for yoga, nutritional counseling, physical therapy, fitness, chiropractic care, eastern medicine, etc.

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We plan the real estate component of each project and the operational and service delivery considerations inherent in the process.

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