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Central Distribution

Central Distribution seeks to ensure that, whenever possible, Patient Care units have the medical supplies & equipment they need, when they are needed, and that patient care needs are met promptly & efficiently.


Over the last handful of years, hospitals have been moving toward a self-distribution model for supplies and equipment in an effort to reduce the costs associated with a reliance on third-party distribution. 

The Business Case

For the last few years, hospital systems have been shifting from the distributor model towards a direct approach with manufacturers, while using their storage and distribution channels. With the everchanging health insurance landscape changing, health systems and physician groups have sought out a need to lower costs. Health systems have been finding success in targeting their internal supply chain efficiencies. Outside of the pure cost-benefit that a Consolidated Distribution Center provides, keeping supply and equipment logistics in-house can drastically reduce wait-time and produce a more lean and efficient inventory system.

Given the benefits above, there is a clear advantage in investing within your health systems’ internal logistics alone. In our experience, the real opportunity is to consolidate the warehousing/distribution with the sterile processing to exponentially leverage the reduction in operating expenses for the hospital.  The recent pandemic also highlights the benefit of hospitals controlling their supply of critical supplies.

How We Can Help

Deciding whether to move to a self-distribution model requires some in-depth analysis and preparation. SensusOne, along with our partners, can organize a study engagement to help healthcare organizations assess the degree to which there is a business case to be made toward a Central Distribution Center.

The result is a business plan that improves space utilization, performance, outreach, and patient satisfaction for healthcare organizations.

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MUSC Health - CSC

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