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The Sterile Processing Department (SPD), also known as the Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD), is the area in a hospital where cleaning and sterilization of devices used in medical procedures takes place.


The opportunity for healthcare organizations is to benchmark the Sterile Processing cost structure and performance metrics. SensusOne can help facilitate a feasibility study that will generate a business case, analyzing the benefits of a Consolidated Sterile Processing Strategy.

The Business Case

The sterilization of surgical instrumentation is a critical process for the delivery of quality healthcare, but has long been overlooked and lacked the needed investment to make it a best in class core competency. The operating room is where hospitals generate a majority of their revenue and maximizing the efficient utilization of the operating room.  A consolidated sterile processing strategy provides increased capacities for generally less resource allocation, which creates a window of opportunity to increase surgical case volume.

It isn’t unusual to see an opportunity to materially reduce operating costs as a function of annual surgical case volume, annual surgical tray sterilization or annual instrument sterilization.  Improved performance in quality is also an outcome of a consolidated strategy.  Employee turnover is a major issue for hospitals as is the ability to ensure accuracy and adequacy of the properly sterilized instrumentation at the operating room at the right time. SensusOne has key operational insight to help hospitals elevate quality and dramatically reduce the operating cost structure. 

How We Can Help

SensusOne, along with our partners, can organize a study engagement to help healthcare organizations assess the degree to which there is a business case to be made toward a centralized strategy.  The scope of this study would include a thorough analysis of current capacity levels with a comparative analysis utilizing a simulation model specifically targeted to asses the flow of instruments, instrument trays and case carts through a consolidate center.  It calculates average throughput time, identifies bottlenecks in the process, illustrates equipment and resource utilization, provides insights in queue sizes and best practice space design.

The result is a business plan that improves performance and materially decreases the cost infrastructure for healthcare organizations.

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