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That’s great to hear! First thing to do is reach out to our office via email or phone and leave us with your basic information. One of our development team members will reach back out to you outlining our standard procedures ranging from financing, contracts, and design. Have a pen and paper ready:)

Honestly, each project will vary based on its intricacies and use case. However, if you give us a general idea of the type of use case that you want your building to have, we will be able to give you a rough estimate for your project timeline.

Once the cement is dry and the building is complete, our relationship does not end there. We continually follow up on your current endeavors and our team is present to provide answers to any questions you may have. We view you not only as our client, but as our partner!

The development and construction sectors revolve greatly around a variety of different professionals. Engineers, architects, general contractors, subcontractors, bankers, attorneys, as well as other professionals all play a part in the real estate development process. Our team has been in real estate for over 50 years of combined experience and with that comes a large network of vendors and past project contacts from around the country that we can utilize to help make your project come to fruition.

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At SensusOne, we strive to encompass our companies’ guiding principles and continue raising the bar as employees, teammates, and friends.


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At SensusOne, we hope to provide and shape a better avenue of care for our communities to live a healthier life.


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We plan the real estate component of each project and the operational and service delivery considerations inherent in the process.

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