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Introducing the first installment of our monthly blog!

Welcome to the first installment of the SensusOne blog!  As we (along with the rest of the world) find ourselves with some extra time on our hands, we decided to start this blog to introduce you to SensusOne and to utilize this forum to post content and thought leadership relative to the business issues facing the healthcare industry with a specific focus on trends, strategies, projects, and idea syndication.  We will discuss both high level industry dynamics as well as specific case studies and lessons learned from our own development project experience.  We hope this will serve as a resource for healthcare real estate decision makers to better understand the evolving dynamics of healthcare facility development, investment, and management.

SensusOne is a healthcare company aimed at shaping healthcare real estate and capital strategies to help our clients bend the escalating cost curve for complex, high-tech healthcare facilities such as Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Free Standing Emergency Departments, Central Distribution and Sterilization Facilities.  With decreasing margins and a changing reimbursement environment, it is more important than ever before for healthcare leaders to rethink existing paradigms to drive improved quality, market share growth and cost reduction.

We are seeing two major shifts.  The first is a move in hospital leadership strategy to find ways to participate in the radical shift to move elective based surgeries to the ambulatory setting and the second is a realization that hospitals need to reduce their risk exposure and improve quality with the sterilization of the surgical instruments. 

Our project experience includes a diverse array of highly technical and complex projects including:

  • A 106,000 square foot Consolidated Service Center, which contains a centralized sterilization facility with state of the art design and MEP infrastructure and serves as a central distribution facility developed for a large university based healthcare system in South Carolina.  This project strategy will dramatically reduce supply chain costs and improve quality, improve efficiency and materially reduce costs in their sterilization process. 

  • The adaptive reuse of a former restaurant into a Freestanding Emergency Department for a large healthcare system in the southeast that will see approximately 30,000 ER visits annually.  In a competitive market, the adaptive reuse approach dramatically reduced the time to market and we structured the lease to eliminate the property tax for the hospital tenant.

  • A freestanding clinically integrated Ambulatory Surgery Center on behalf of a large Michigan based healthcare system aimed at creating a unique partnership with orthopedic surgeons to mitigate the market risk of independent physician-owned surgery centers.    This experience includes a best in class surgery center design and equipment planning.  We currently have two (2) additional ambulatory surgery centers in the construction phase and two (2) in the planning and design page.

While the above represents just a slice of our project experience, we continue to pursue new opportunities to work with healthcare systems both large and small as well as private practice physicians.  Regardless of the situation, we are committed to one of our core values, which is that truth, honesty and respect govern our culture. As a result, we work with our client with full transparency throughout the project delivery process.  We believe in doing the right thing for the right reasons, and that good things will follow that philosophy.

We look forward to sharing our insights and projects on this blog, and to continue to work hard to ensure the success of our clients, investors, and partners.  Stay tuned for more to come!

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