SensusOne soon to open a brand-new freestanding ambulatory surgery center

SensusOne unveils a new Ambulatory Surgery Center on behalf on Henry Ford Allegiance Health System.

GRASS LAKE, MICHIGAN: In partnership with Henry Ford Allegiance Health System, Progressive Architects and Engineers, CSM General Contractor, Smithfield Medical Development, and Comerica Bank, SENSUSONE brings operational insight to the real estate development of a brand new 17,500  sq. ft. Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC), located at 38000 Centennial Blvd. Grass Lake, Michigan. This (2) operating room and (2) procedure room facility will offer outpatient diagnostics and treatment for elective care in Jackson County and will be complete to begin operations in Q4 of 2020.

The ASC model’s prevalence is primarily driven by a changing healthcare reimbursement system and medical practitioners and their patients’ preferences.  ASCs offer a safer, more efficient, and cost-effective way to conduct approved surgical procedures outside of the hospital setting.  These outpatient experiences allow patients to get in and out the same day to recover at home with their doctor’s consultation.  The cost to patients and insurance companies is less than if the procedure was to be performed in the hospital, which reduces the overall cost structure within our healthcare system.

While ASC’s were a growing market before the onset of COVID-19, the new public policy surrounding social interaction will further drive this trend as patients will be even more reticent to enter the hospital environment for their elective procedures. As patient decision patterns change and more procedures are approved to be reimbursed, these Ambulatory Surgery Center facilities will soon become the standard of care.

SensusOne is a national healthcare real estate development, management, and investment company merging operational insight and real estate experience to deliver and develop healthcare facilities. We are on a mission to help our healthcare clients bend the escalating cost curve that burdens the national healthcare system in a significant way. (

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